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Don Justo Coffee with dignity

2019 Don Justo Coffee with Dignity Brochure
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Betty Dyer & Maurice Dyer
Don Justo Coffee with Dignity Coffee Coordinators
PO Box 35 
I ndianola, IA 

Fairly traded coffee

Our Sister Parish attempts to follow standards designed to reduce or eliminate inequalities found in the conventional coffee trade. Our mission is to promote fair wages, decent working conditions, and sustainable organic agricultural practices that allow Salvadoran workers the ability to earn an honest living with dignity. For each pound of Don Justo Coffee with Dignity purchased, funds are divided into three categories:
  • The local economy in and around Berlin, El Salvador (growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and grinding the coffee;
  • Administrative and supply costs (bags, labels, flavor oils, and shipping to the United States;)
  • The Pastoral Team who assist with local social and economic development projects in and around Berlin, El Salvador.
Don Justo Coffee with Dignity boasts a delicate flavor, rich aroma, and medium body; a result of a careful selection of a variety of 100% Arabica plants.
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