Presbytery of Des Moines
Our Sister Parish
Christmas Greetings
Translation Below​​​​​​​​
What is Christmas?
It is the most joyful celebration of life.
To celebrate life in community together with family, friends, neighbors. 
In the church. In the streets…
To celebrate Christmas is to proclaim the love of the Father made known in Jesús, the son of Mary, the most poor and simple woman.
Christmas is the sharing of faith and the joy that we are not alone – that God walks with us in the middle of our projects and daily works.
Our commitment for each day of the coming year is that we should be united and committed in the construction of the project of the life of Jesús: to be like Him, to love as He did.  To live like Him, doing the will of the Father.  Working for a new world of equality, brotherhood, justice and solidarity.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year are the wishes for your from the Pastoral Team of Berlín and the communities