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​​ ​Co-Worker Update - Kathy Bassett

 We were extremely blessed to have had Katherine Pater as our Mission Co-Worker for 3½ years!  We miss her dearly and wish her only the best as she pursues her future.   We know the search for a new co-worker can be lengthy. It is an honor and a privilege for me to serve as interim liaison. We feel that this important and vital mission serves God’s children as we all have been commanded in Matthew 25:35-40.  We need your prayers for God’s wisdom and discernment.  And prayers that the appropriate person will hear God’s call.
The good news is, the great work continues.  With the increased ability of our Salvadoran partners to use technology (thank you Katherine!), we can easily and quickly communicate with the Pastoral Team to meet our informational needs and to keep in touch as projects are implemented.
These projects won’t change the world – but they will continue to make daily life a little easier for our brothers and sisters in the villages surrounding Berlín, El Salvador.
Kathy Bassett,  Mission Co-Worker prior to Katherine Pater, has assumed as-needed Co-Worker responsibilities until the new Co-Worker is on board. She has been accompanying the delegations visiting  El Salvador this year as well as  coordinating details pertaining to those visits.  Thank you, Kathy!